Friday, February 28, 2014

In progress: 2014 mashup album + new music.

Hi there!

First up I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has checked out my mashups so far this year.

As usual with mashups the feedback has ranged from positive... to slightly less positive.

First up here's the good; Andrew W.K. and Akira The Don liking/favouriting the mashups I created featuring them, and also managing to get at least one vote on the Mashstix monthly challenge (I didn't vote for myself before you ask ;) ).

And then there's the not so good, which mainly consists of fans of Feeder and Mansun 'hating on' my mashups of those artists.

You can judge for yourself what you think of my mashups from 2014 as they are all all included in the playlist below.

My current plan is to release a new mashup each week for the next month or so, by which point I will have uploaded 10 new mashups in 2014. Once this many of my mashups are online I will make them all available to download as a free album for you to enjoy!

Beyond that I plan to work on some of my own music again with a view to getting it online and playing it live some point later in the year. To hear my previous musical attempts checkout this page of my blog or my soundcloud.

Thanks for listening/reading and please follow on twitter or facebook if you would like to hear about my new mashups and tracks as they are released.

Niall :)

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