Saturday, September 27, 2014

LISTEN - Long Live Paul Revere - Beastie Boys vs Andrew W.K. - New Mashup

Hi everyone! Here's a remake of a mashup I made earlier this year:

Beastie Boys vs Andrew W.K. - Long Live Paul Revere

This mashup was created using an unofficial acapella version of 'Paul Revere' by the Beastie Boys and an instrumental version of 'Long Live The Party' by Andrew W.K.

The version of this mashup posted earlier this year featured a different instrumental, but as a better quality instrumental version of Long Live The Party by Andrew W.K. has now surfaced I thought updating this mashup would be a good idea.

Tragically though after 25 years the official Paul Revere acapella is still yet to be released, so until then the DIY acapella will have to do. Maybe Rick Rubin will dig it out soon? A new mashup of this instrumental with a better acapella can be heard here.

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Thanks for listening and party hard!