Monday, June 23, 2014

INFO: Creating DIY Acapellas and Instrumentals

If you want to create a mashup or remix of a track, but can't get hold of the official studio instrumental or acapella via the sources listed here, then there a number of ways to create DIY acapellas and instrumentals or obtain unofficial or alternative versions of instrumentals and acapellas. Read on for a list of the main ways this can be done but keep in mind that there is no guarantee that any of these methods will actually produce a quality acapella/instrumental of a particular song.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

INFO: Where To Find Official Instrumental and Acapella Tracks

Okay so lets say you want to find a download link for a studio instrumental or acapella version of a song, the first thing you probably want do is search for it using Google. However you will probably find that for many tracks it is not as simple as searching and finding a working download link to the official instrumental or acapella you need. If an official instrumental or acapella does not appear on the first few pages of search results, it is likely that it hasn't been made available to the public yet and it is possible it never will be.

However by knowing where most official instrumental and acapella tracks originate from, it may be possible for you to locate the track yourself. Read on for a list of ways you might get hold of an official instrumental or acapella track.

Friday, June 6, 2014

FREE DOWNLOAD: kn0ck0ut 0.8 - DIY Acapella Creation Software - Knockout

Download link: Free Download of kn0ck0ut v0.8 by St3pan0va

Kn0ck0ut v0.8 is VST plugin which allows you to create a DIY acapella using your DAW by spectrally analysing the instrumental and original versions of a track.

This software is by St3pan0va but as their original host site for the free download has since disappeared, I have uploaded it via

The software is totally free to download, and checkout the read me that comes with the zip download for more information about kn0ck0ut (pronounced knockout). Please note this download is fully legal as the software is distributed as freeware.

While the results using this plugin are far from perfect I decided it would be worth uploading knockout to the internet once more as it still garners interest on sites such as

Also if you run LV2 compatible software then there is a port of the kno0ck0ut plugin with improved performance available here.

Have fun creating acapellas and thanks for reading!


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