Sunday, May 11, 2014


Thank You!

...for visiting my website; I'd also like to say thanks for anyone who has taken the time to listen, share or click like on any of the mashups or music featured here.

Also thank you to friends and family who have listened to and offered me advice on music, mashups and the site.

I would also like to say thank you to anyone online who has given me feedback on my tracks or helped out in other ways as well. In particular those on soundcloud, twitter and also at

Also can I say thank you to anyone who has shared images online under Creative Commons licences or similar. Without your efforts and talents this site would simply be an unappealing wall of text!

Site Credits

As of July 2014, was designed and brought together by me, with the use of various third party tools, as well as my own programming. I thought it would be cool to mention all the resources used in this site, in case anybody browsing would like to implement similar features on their own site/blog.

Credits for the photos used on this site are listed separately at the bottom of this page.

First off the site is a blogger blog. The URL simply redirects to this blog. The template is a standard template with a few HTML, CSS3, javascript, PHP and SQL additions by me.

The image slider used on the homepage is the javascript image slider by menucool. To install it onto my site I followed the instructions given on this blog page and adapted the image slider to suit the site's requirements.

HTML, CSS and javascript knowledge was mainly gained from the w3cschools site. This is in addition to many other blogs, of which there are far too many to mention.

Google Chrome's developer features, including the 'inspect element' menu option, were vital for debugging and updating the site.

The social media follow buttons, and the share buttons on blog posts and other pages, are by addthis.

The search feature uses Google and was loosely based on's search feature.

Dropbox is used to store various files used on the site such as images and javascript. If you wish to use dropbox in a similar way you will need to learn how to create a 'public' dropbox folder.

The 'more from' links at the bottom of blog posts are automatically created using the nRelate related content plugin.

Features of the site which I designed and impleneted without the use of third party code include the static navigation bar, the features database PHP script and SQL database and the photo credits PHP script. Other blog tweaks I implemented include the redirect from to the static homepage and hiding page elements on the static homepage.

Music Credits

The music featured in my mashups is obviously owned by the copyright holder of each piece of music used, and by posting the mashups on a site such as YouTube any royalties generated from views of these videos will be distributed to the appropriate artists.

None of the mashups featured on this site are endorsed by the artists, and are all 100% unofficial.

Photography and Image Credits

All images used on the site are to the best of my knowledge used without infringing upon anyone's copyright. If you feel this site uses one of your photos without permission please contact me and I will resolve this matter as soon as possible.

None of the images of third parties used on the site are used for the purposes of advertising, they are simply simply used to illustrate the news features on the site.

Information on the licence types for each third party image that has been used on the site can be found here.

Full List of Third Party Photography and Image Credits

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