Friday, April 18, 2014

TUTORIAL: Making a Music Mashup Video

Have you ever tried to create a video for a music mashup or remix you have made? After trying to make one for the first time recently I have decided to share what I've learnt so far as there aren't really any tutorials dedicated to this subject online. The benefit of making a video for your mashup is that theoretically it will be more interesting to watch for your viewers than a simple 'still' video such as this.

Let me point out that this post is concerned with making a music mashup video, which involves is two or more songs mashed together like this. This post is not concerned with mashup videos like this, where the mashup is of two or more films or television programs that don't accompany a song.

Approach 1 - Use the official videos of the songs in the mashup.

In mashup music videos like this the video has been created by combining scenes from the original videos of the songs used in the mashup. To create a video like this you will need a video editing software application, your mashup audio file and digital file versions of any videos you wish to use in your mashup video. Once you have these things you can set about making your video.

Making a mashup music video is essentially the same as editing together any other music video, the only difference being you will most likely have to alter the playback speed of your original videos to match your mashup's tempo. There are cases though where you may not need to alter the playback speed, for instance if you didn't change the tempo of the track in your mashup, or if the original video does not actually match the timing of the music in the first place.

So the first thing for you to do is alter the playback speed of your music videos so that they play in time with your mashup. Many video editing applications allow you to alter the playback speed of videos, Video Pad Video Editor being one. How video playback speed is controlled in your video editor will vary from application to application, but a common way for the playback speed to be described is in terms of percentage. If your video editor controls playback speed in terms of percentage, click the button below to see how to match the video speed to your mashup and automatically calculate the percentage change necessary. If your application uses a different method of altering playback speed there is no need for you to read this information.

Once you have suitably altered the video's playback speed you can confirm it plays in time with your mashup by playing it back along side the audio from your mashup in your video editing software. Repeat this process for any more videos you need to alter the playback speed of.

Once you are happy that any videos you plan to use are in time with your mashup, you can set about creating your mashup music video as you would any other music video. There are people with far more knowledge of making music videos than me, so I won't offer too much advice in that regard. Be aware though that YouTube and other similar sites may block your video if it contains copyrighted content.


So there you have it; how to create a mashup music video! As my knowledge of making music mashup videos improves I will add to this post but that is it for now. Feel free to leave any questions/feedback in the comments section or contact me via twitter, I'm @NiallSpence.

Thanks for reading,
Niall :)

Credits: I'd like to give a shout out the forum for offering me advice on this issue. Thank you!

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