Saturday, May 18, 2013

Music - 2012 Instrumentals

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Release Date:
July 2012


1 - Go Take That Chance (Instrumental)
2 - Make Your Way To Me (Instrumental)
3 - Pack Your Bags (Instrumental)
4 - Open Up Your Eyes (Instrumental)
5 - In Your Dreams (Instrumental)
6 - Citizen Enraged (Instrumental)
7 - I Know I'm Hers (Instrumental)
8 - Please Don't Say It's Over (Instrumental)

Release Info:
8 instrumental backing tracks written and recorded at various points throughout 2010 to 2012. Full versions of these tracks complete with vocals are currently in the pipeline. These tracks formed the setlist for the first ever Niall Spence concert in 2011.


Rock, Indie, Alternative, New-Wave, Pop-Punk, Instrumental, Western, Garage Rock

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