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Hi, I'm Niall Spence - a solo rock musician and mashup producer from Manchester in the UK and welcome to my website!




I'm Niall Spence, a musician and mashup producer living near Manchester in the UK.

The music I usually tend to create has a garage-rock or new-wave feel to it, though I try and experiment with anything along the spectrum of indie and rock, including pop-punk and more traditional 'straight-up' rock.

My main influences when writing music are probably The Strokes and Muse.

While my current focus is on writing and recording new music over the last 2 years I have produced a number of mashups. These have been based upon a number of genres with some even getting retweets and likes from the artists themselves!

If you would like to know anything else just ask me!


Some nice things people have said about me and my music:

'Don't Stop The Wide Open Space' mashup retweeted and favourited by the official Mansun twitter account.

Long Live Body Movin' mashup retweeted by Andrew W.K.
Paul Party mashup 'liked' by Andrew W.K's official YouTube channel.
Monster GIRO mashup liked and shared on Tumblr and Twitter favourited by Akira The Don.
Slow Ignition mashup retweeted by Gruff Rhys's official twitter to other Super Furry Animals members.

"You seem like a nutcase." - Frankie Boyle

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